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Mompesson have received the news from the Kennel Club that `The Accolade of Excellence`has been awarded to us.

It’s given exclusively to members of the Assured Breeders Scheme with a record of outstanding achievement in their breed.

 We are very pleased!

10/11 At Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Ch. Show under Mr Lee Cox. Mompesson Gypsy Spice, wins her 2nd CC.


Mompesson Gypsy Spice

04/11 MESSS Ch. Show under Mr Frank Kane. Mompesson Mischief won RCC.
21/09 Driffield Ch. Show under Mrs Marion Morgan. Ghillie, SHCH Mompesson Striker, wins CC and BOB.
16/09 Darlington Ch. Show under Mr Kerry Simpson. Gav, SHCH Mompesson Cavendish, wins CC again and BOS. Mompesson Mischief was 1st in limit bitch.
11/08 Bournemouth Ch. Show under Mrs Wendy Cross. Gav, SHCH Mompesson Cavendish, takes another CC with BOB. Mompesson Mischief was 1st in limit and got the RCC.
05/08 The website is updated with pages and fresh photos of the following dogs: Mompesson Paper N Lace, Mompesson Gypsy Spice, Mompesson Elegance and Mompesson Royal Dancer. Go to "Current dogs".


Mompesson Elegance

28/07 Leeds Ch. show under judge Pat Guy. Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish wins another CC with BOB. To top the day off, he went Group 1st!!
Border Union Ch. show. Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish took another CC and Best of Breed. Res. dog CC went to Mompesson Flawless is Madaza (owned by Sue Large).  Mompesson Gypsy Spice won the Res. bitch CC! Judge was Di Arrowsmith.

Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish Mompesson Gypsy Spice
Northern ESSS under Michael Keely (Alhambra), Australia. Mompesson Michief won the bitch CC!
WELKS under Caroline Robinson Mompesson Gipsy Spice (litter sister to Cavendish) won the bitch CC and BOB at only her 4th show, after winning the res bitch CC at the club show of Wales under Marie Merchant. very pleased!!!

ESSC of Wales. Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish won another CC. Mompesson Gypsy Spice won ResCC. Judge was Marie Merchant (Clanach ESS) Australia.


CRUFTS 2012. Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish won ResCC. Mompesson Mischief 1st in special junior bitch. Judge was Mrs Kay Woodward (Wadeson).


SH CH Mompesson Cavendish ResCC

Mompesson Mischief (Photo Lena Vängbo)


At SESSS Champ. Show Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish was best dog with CC. Mompesson Royal Dancer was Best Puppy In Show. Judge was Mrs Stephanie Rickard, Wongan ESS, Australia.

  Best Puppy In Show Mompesson Royal Dancer
  Best dog, CC Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish & ResCC Dexbenella It's About Time
  Best dog, CC Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish
  1st junior bitch Mompesson Mischief
  Best dog, CC Ch Mompesson Cavendish, Best bitch, CC Ch Melverly Sublimity &
  BPIS Mompesson Royal Dancer.
  All photos above by Tony Scott.

Manchester Ch. Show. Mompesson Royal Dancer BPIB, Ch Mompesson Cavendish Res CC and Mompesson Mischief 2nd JB. Judge was Mrs Yvonne Billows (Robil).

Mompesson Royal Dancer Mompesson Mischief Ch Mompesson Cavendish
  All photos above by Lesley McCourt.